I can use a variety of clay from easy air dry type to stoneware. I have a potters wheel and other materials for pottery techniques such as slab building, tile making, coiling and sculpture. My kiln is electric.

I've worked in youth clubs and schools leading projects that celebrate multi-cultural themes and used clay to enhance and interpret topics in the school curriculum. I have a NVQ level 3 qualification for helping in schools.

If you would like to explore ideas or have a specific project in mind please use this email

These previous events illustrate the types of activity.

Medieval Village Festival
A group of us decided to create a medieval weekend in our village. I volunteered to research and hold workshops for pottery making. The participants made tiles and replica pots. 

Raw clay showing a 4 part tile ready
 for a contrasting inlay. 
Hand made loom weights,
 used by the loom weaving group.

Not dung!But clay dug from the local forest. After sieving & firing the test tiles looked quite different.

I made a vessel originally used for watering tender plants by monks, or washing hands at the table or dampening earth floors before brushing, it uses a vacuum method and on the right, a 'piss' pot.

Play with Clay !
Chill indoors at the Dalby Forest Visitor Center
Monday 26th to Thursday 29th October – Half Term Holiday
Get creative in a family friendly atmosphere.
First timers or old timers, come and make
your own hand built pot, decorations or just play. We’ll
provide air-drying clay (so you can take it away) and lots
of inspiration. Decorate at home with acrylics & PVA.

Sessions start at:
10.30am,11.30, 12.30, 2.30, 3.30, 4.30pm
£5 per 1 hour session per person incl. clay & tools

Places available throughout the day, but registering will
ensure a session to suit you. Option to have pieces kiln fired
11yrs or under must be accompanied by a participant over 16yrs.

Detail of Parian decoration

Helmsley Arts Centre
Porcelain Decoration
You'll learn how to make  white porcelain decorations and develop your own ideas.

Parian porcelain has a translucent quality.

Crafters can also use these quality clays to fashion unique brooches, beads and buttons. Materials, tools and kiln firing included.Collect your fired creations from HAC.

£25 per session. 2 half day sessions available.

Family drop in sessions at Deer Shed Music Festival. 

Deershed Festival 
Example project using Stoneware
I made several small stoneware bird baths for home using the leaves in the garden as templates. This type of project combines throwing and sculpture and each bowl is customised to give a quite different character.
At the raw clay stag

Speckled stoneware 

Using cutters & stamps & matt
 white glaze.  

Flecked with iron & matt copper

Made by young adults
 with Ryedale Special Families

Village based workshop
2 days of Clay & Pottery 
Offering flexible times between 10am & 6pm to suit you.
What you can do
  •    beginners projects
  •    experiment with clay
  •    make a specific object
  •    sculpt

We’ll suggest techniques and projects to develop your skills, and provide inspiring books, specialist tools, including an electric and kick wheel. We’ll organise kiln firing individually when your pot has fully dried at home.Students from GCSE  and above are very welcome.

Share your enthusiasm
   by bringing in your favourite pots/clay objects to discuss.
Be inspired by
   a screening of a rare silent film about potter Isaac Button

£35 (flat fee) covers 6 hours at any time during the 2 days. Each extra hour is only £2.

Clay, slips, glazing and firings will incur other costs. You’re not obliged to fire work - you could just enjoy the process and learn some techniques.
When we have a minimum of 12 registrations we’ll contact you for a £20 non returnable deposit.