Slipware for sale

Slipware on terracotta

I enjoy using red earthenware and the historical connection to the folk pottery traditions across around the world.

I've recently created three dimensional tile pictures. 

Hand made tile with slipware decorated motifs, red terracotta in 'distressed' frame, 19cm sq. £30

This very special piece was framed by The Stables Gallery in Thornton le Dale.  The six cornered frame was inspired by one I saw in Seville of a tile depicting the Madonna. The Open Hand is from the Old Moravian settlers of Winston Salem who believed in Christianity with an open heart and a loving hand. £120 

Hand made impressed tile with slipware decorated motifs, red terracotta in white wood frame, 
23cm sq. £35
Hand made impressed tile with slipware decorated butterflies, red terracotta in white wood frame, 18cm sq. £30

Chinese "paper cut" stencils

Some of the Chinese paper cuts I have used are quite rare and not readily available. The tile created below is a good example of a 'thin line' piece. Removing the paper cut is done meticulously with  dentist tools. It can take hours !

Harvest Boy in two colours, 18cm x 16cm white wood frame, £40

Chinese paper cut  tile - Harvest - approx 14cm width, £25.
Right vase - Acrobat Girl , white slip 12cm high, £15.

"The tea drinkers" Vase, image also on reverse. £40

Small Bowl on left for sale £18



Small bowls - sold

Small Home Decorations

Using both terracotta with slips and a special porcelain. Prices £3 - £7.

Commissions undertaken for Christmas, weddings and other events.

Decorative  & seasonal ornaments

Commission for hotel guests at Christmas.

Similar hearts can be purchased at any time

Christmas wreath with 'gingerbread' ornaments

Please contact me via if you would like to know more or purchase pieces.